Who we are


Horizon Business Group is an entrepreneurial group of successful Australian Companies that was founded in 2010 to harness corporate strength and strategies through the provision of a range of services that allow ambitious businesses to do even better. With a 5-year history, HBG consolidates real life experience from different sectors of business and uses it to spur long-term growth by providing the best opportunities to prosper in the face of a competitive business environment.

Overall, the Group focuses on assisting businesses to deal with both negative and positive issues that emerge in the course of running a business and thereby enabling the companies to reach their full potential.

At Horizon Business Group, we promote an idea that businesses can save their time and money by availing themselves of the essential services that we provide that steer growth, thereby enabling the companies grow by leaps and bounds.

Our Roles

  • To maintain high standards of production as well as ensure quality assurance for each of the member companies.
  • To provide training services to employees from the member companies.
  • To periodically reward and recognise companies that have maintained excellence in customer service, marketing strategies, social contribution and environmental protection among other criteria.

Our philosophy is that we are stronger together. That is, we help our unique clients to face the challenge of understanding and adapting to the ever-changing business environment needs across different sectors. We believe that there is always room for learning from one another and adopting best practices to influence positive change for every company to be a market leader in its sector.

Horizon Business Group espouses values such as reliability, quality, compliance and efficiency, which we achieve through combined knowledge. We also believe in collective work, passion for learning, commitment and respect to all people, including our employees and customers. We believe that our dedication to a strong work ethic is the power that sets us apart from other companies and serves as a secret behind our rising success. If you are not a member, we look forward to having you on board soon.


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