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Quality Removals

Quality Removals Pty Ltd

Quality Removals Pty Ltd is a premier removals company based in Canberra. The company has built a reputation for itself in a crowded marketplace by providing reliable professional services, becoming the best removals company in Canberra. This company takes pride in providing high-quality services by rendering removals services to meet the unique needs of every client. The backbone of Quality Removals Pty Ltd success is a team of removals professionals, cost effective quotes, timely execution of services as well as quality of work that guarantees you peace of mind. The company offers domestic relocations/removals, office/commercial relocation, dismantling and reassembling and hassle free packing services

ACT Movers

Removalists Canberra

Removalists Canberra is a leading moving company that has been offering quality moving solutions to thousands of clients in need of commercial and residential moving services since its inception. The company employs a unique removals strategy that ensures a perfect and smooth experience for each client. Whether you are moving over a short distance or you simply need a door-to-door service, the team of professional movers Removalists Canberra offer expert service. The company also offers professional packing services, thus decreasing the amount of time it takes to move while delivering your belongings to the designated destination safely.

Pax Removals

Pax Removals Pty Ltd

Pax Removals Pty Ltd is a Christian based removal company that specialises not just in moving furniture but also people and their lives. This company’s principles are based upon the fact that moving is much more than just transporting belongings which can’t be accomplished without God’s blessings. Apart from the professional services, the company reinforces the principles of Christianity which blend the services of moving people with a love for Christianity thereby providing a winning platform for all. Pax Removals strives to surpass the expectations of their clients by delivering their services in a unique and Christian-centered manner.

ACT Rubbish Removals

Pax Rubbish Removals

Pax Rubbish Removals Pty Ltd is Canberra’s complete rubbish removal company offering a range of services to residential and commercial establishments. This rubbish removal company not only offers a rubbish removal service but also ensures that the rubbish is well disposed and recycled without posing a threat to the environment. Whether you have home appliances, old furniture or debris at a building site that needs to be disposed of, Pax Rubbish Removals will help you achieve the purpose. Some of the rubbish removal services that you can enlist from the company include:

  • Junk removal
  • General rubbish removal
  • Liquid waste removal
  • Tile removal
  • Green waste removal
  • Garden waste removal
Pax Cleaning

Pax Cleaning Pty Ltd

Pax Cleaning Pty Ltd is a reputable cleaning company in Canberra that offers a range of residential and commercial cleaning services. Not only does the company boast highly effective and professional cleaning staff but also has invested in top of the range cleaning equipment that guarantees uncompromised service delivery. Among the services offered by Pax Cleaning Pty Ltd, most prominent are:

  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • End of lease cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • House cleaning
Pax Packing and Boxes

Pax Packing and Boxes Pty Ltd

Pax Packing and Boxes Pty Ltd facilitates smooth moving by providing trusted packing and services. With over ten years of experience, the company’s packing experts are experienced in using advanced packing materials and boxes to eliminate the hassle of moving. The team has developed expertise in handling any moving needs while ensuring that all of your assets are well secured. Pax Packing and Boxes Pty Ltd guarantees all its clients peace of mind during the moving process. The company is motivated by the need to build a good reputation, therefore, emphasises overall customer satisfaction. Pax Packing and Boxes Pty Ltd offers you services irrespective of your moving needs involving both intra-state moving or inter-state moving.