We award businesses that demonstrate the best performance in creative marketing, customer service, environmental protection and social contribution.

Awards 2019 - 2020

Award Quality Removals
  • Quality Removals -- Marketing excellence
    Quality Removals - - Service and innovation excellence
  • Removalists Canberra - - Brand excellence
    Removalists Canberra - - Service and innovation excellence
  • Pax Documents Shredding - - Brand excellence
    Pax Documents Shredding - - Eco-innovation and environmental approach
  • Pax Removals - - Social contribution.
    Pax Removals - - Eco-innovation and environmental approach
  • Removalists Wagga Wagga - - Brand excellence
    Removalists Wagga Wagga - - Communication excellence.
  • Pax cleaning - - Eco-innovation and environmental approach
    Pax Cleaning - - Service and innovation excellence
  • Marketing excellence

    We provide recognition to companies that have achieved excellent results through innovation and creativity in marketing by considering solutions for new and existing market requirements.

  • Service and innovation excellence

    We award companies that provide service products with unique solutions for existing and new customers’ needs. We also recognise businesses that have achieved outstanding goals undertaking initiatives through leadership and commitment to high-quality services.

  • Eco-innovation and environmental approach

    We award the businesses that have accomplished outstanding goals through their sincere initiatives in fostering innovative culture by fulfilling the commitment to sustainable, ecological and environmental needs.

  • Social contribution

    We also award the companies that have designed successful and self-sustainable projects that contribute to the development of community and society.

  • Communication excellence

    We recognise and reward companies that have achieved an excellent way of inter and intra-organisational communication.

  • Brand excellence

    We reward the organisations that provide service products which demonstrate excellence in brand management.


Quality Removals Pax Cleaning Pax Removals